“I used to be normal”

…the opening statement in one of my talks, many of you reading this who have discovered your spiritual path later in life may understand the sentiment.

Up until a few years ago I had no idea what a spirit or psychic artist was. I had never seen a Medium work or had any intentions to explore this world, but piece by piece, the jigsaw puzzle which is my life started to come together to create a complete picture that makes sense.

I used to lead a busy life as a teacher and a classical singer alongside caring for family and running a home. Life events, curiosity and 'spiritual signposts' led me to find the power of Reiki, followed years later after early retirement, retraining as a hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Regression.

A 'chance' stumbling into a spiritualist church started my development as a Medium, which coincide with a resurgence of my art work.

Since then I have experienced things I didn't think possible, met the most wonderful people, there's been laughter, tears, healing, enlightenment and so much more. Out of this amazing melting pot came the person I am today, with no one more surprised than me… retirement? What retirement?

Barbara Hudson

Art teacher and practitioner T.Cert

Masters Diploma in Hypnosis and NLP validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Certificated In Past Life Regression and Stress Management

Reiki Master

IHM Diploma

I'm lucky to have been able to have a studio and therapy room built where I can focus on my work. I now work 1-2-1 either at my studio, online, at Mind Body Spirit Events, via email or phone. I do not need to be physically with someone to make connections.

I also demonstrate my work for audiences from small groups to theatre venues and often link with other Mediums who give the message from spirit which allows me to focus on the drawing.

Up to now I have given talks and led workshops as requested but I am planning to also offer my own programme in the near future as well… Watch this space!

This is only a tiny snapshot of an amazing fast track into this wonderful work, browse through the website to find out more and if you have any unanswered questions or special requests I'm happy to answer your queries.

What I do

Spirit portraits

Strictly speaking I don't draw portraits when I work with spirit. When I'm drawing your friends and relatives who have passed, your Spirit Guides and Past Lives, I don't see their image either in the room or in my head. I lightly hold my pencil over the paper and let it move as it wishes, just like automatic writing. So I can't get a 'likeness' as I have no face to refer to, I just hope that my hand is doing what spirit guiding it wants and that the recipient can recognise them. These are channeled drawings.

I am always grateful and totally humbled when recipients give me photographs of their loved ones after the drawing and then I can see the likeness too as this evidence is at the centre of what I do.

When I first start to draw I allow the process to take place and don't communicate, but as the energy comes in I begin to get a sense of the person and other bits of information start to filter in, this becomes the 'reading' which I relay to the recipient.

The process 1-2-1 takes on average 30 minutes, though when I demonstrate on stage with another Medium relaying the message, about 8-10 minutes as in those circumstances we have to try to give as many people messages as we can manage.

It is important to have an open mind when you are requesting anything from spirit, you don't always get what you want and sometimes have to work at clues you are given.

It's hard work for spirit to get through, some never do, not because they don't care for you, but find it hard to do. Some use 'enablers', maybe friends or relatives who are successful in coming through, who act as 'go between'.

Remember if your loved one hated having their photograph taken, they are not suddenly going to volunteer to have their portrait drawn! Ways they get around this is by sending a portrait of someone who is 'alive' and who both of you know — the information that accompanies the drawing then establishes who is sending it. I have to warn audiences when I'm doing a demonstration that if I draw the image of someone they left at home watching the TV, not to worry, their spirit communicator is giving us a common link to start off their message… at least we hope so.

At the other end of the scale are those who were very proud of their appearance, particularly when they were younger and they come through in their 20's which causes a lot of problems especially if you are a young person and have fond memories of a 90 year old grandma. A sort through the old family photos usually reveals their younger likeness but I do know of families who have nothing to refer to unfortunately. Just remember, be flexible, expect to do some detective work, what you are witnessing is mind blowing and hard work for them.

Spirit guides

Some people get a bit confused with this term so I will say what I understand by it. Your Spirit Guides are spirits who once lived on earth and have knowledge or expertise which enables them to advise and guide us through this life. I believe we are designated a main guide as we are conceived and during our life we have additional guides who come and go as our life path dictates.

Some people regard family members as guides and they can be referred to as Ancestral Guides, personally I think this muddies the water a little, our family members can always be relied on to give us a nudge in the right direction as they did on earth, whereas Spirit Guides walked a path that led them to become a guide and appear to have had additional 'training' as they are able to communicate successfully with us on a higher level.

I should also mention Ascended Masters who are highly evolved beings who have lived on earth over many lifetimes and mastered the conflicts and challenges given, examples are: Jesus, Buddha amongst many significant others and, yes, they have been known to come through to individuals.

Power animals

Guides from the animal kingdom variously named as Power Animals, Totem Animal, Animal Spirit Guide can be with you for life as a reflection of your own personality, some come in to teach you a specific lesson, others to help at a particular crossroads of your journey and then so many who briefly make themselves known to bring us a message and are gone as quickly.

As with Spirit drawings we don’t always get what we think we want. You may have a main guide who is familiar to you and dearly want a picture of them but someone else comes through for you, maybe someone new on your team. There will be a reason for this!

Past lives

You may wish to access a Past Life either out of curiosity or because there are aspects of your current life where there are issues or behaviours you cannot fathom and wish to explore more. This drawing is on a psychic link and the reading maybe quite factual with names, addresses, dates and other information which may later be researched.

Sometimes the reading emphasizes relationships, situations, personality, behaviour and other people in that life and many are a mix of the two. In my experience whatever the need of the recipient they have a compatible reading.

Portrait commissions

There are three main categories but you may think of more, a favourite wedding photo turned into a painting for example. Please ask and I will always try to help.

Fantasy portraits

(Watercolour) Here I paint the image from the photo supplied and turn them into a fairy, elf, witch, mermaid?


As the name implies is a combination of a portrait and an auragraph I have heard them called Soul Portraits but these do not always include a portrait of your physical self.

I start with a straightforward portrait of you (from a photograph) I then link with your energy from the image and channel symbols and colours which become part of the composition.

Thirdly I then 'read' what I've drawn and write up the reading for you. A true picture of all of you, inside and out.

Memorial portrait

(Watercolour) of a loved one who has passed.


Prestbury Village Hall Mind Body Spirit

8th February 2016 11am – 6pm

Mysteries Group Bridge Street Ale House Illustrated Talk

9th February 2016 7.30pm

Stockport Masonic Guildhall Mind, Body Spirit & Talk

13th & 14th February 2016 10am – 5pm

Upholland Labour Club Demonstration with Tony Stockwell

17th February 2016 – 8pm

The Wilmslow Lodge at the Coach & Four Mind Body Spirit

20th & 21st February 2016 11am – 6pm

Nantwich Civic Hall Mind Body Spirit & Talk

4th & 5th March 2016 10am – 5pm

Longton Spiritualist Church Spirit Art Demonstration with Dorne Hall

25th April 2016 7.30pm

Novotel Hotel, Bostock Lane Mind Body Spirit & Talk

8th May 2016 10am – 5pm

Longton Spiritualist Church Demonstration and Fayre

Saturday 14th May 2016

Skelmersdale Spiritualist Church, Ashurst Community Centre Spirit Art Demonstration with Debbie Nicholson

"Wednesday 25th May 2016 7.30pm

Uttoxeter Racecourse Mind Body Spirit & Talk

4th & 5th June 2016 10am – 5pm

Pavilion Gardens, St Johns Road Mind Body Spirit

"25th & 26th June 2016

Alderley Edge Rosemary Douglas Event

Saturday 28th November – Sunday 29th November

Longton Spiritualist Church Spirit Art Demonstration with Dorne Hall

Monday 1st August 2016 7.30pm

Stockport Masonic Guildhall Mind Body Spirit and Talk

"3rd & 4th September 2016 10am – 5pm

Aintree Racecourse Mind Body Spirit & Talk

"24th & 25th September 2016 10am – 5pm

The Kube at Leicester Racecourse Mind Body Spirit & Talk

1st & 2nd October 2016 10am – 5pm

Nantwich Civic Hall Mind Body Spirit & Talk

29th & 30th October 2016 10am – 5pm

Alderley Edge Festival Hall Mind Body Spirit & Talk

26th & 27th November 2016 10am – 5pm

Please note, I will be demonstrating spirit and/or psychic art at these events but will be able to discuss therapy work.


Q. Can you draw a specific guide, past life or soul that I really want to come through?

A. This is a question I get asked frequently and I'm afraid the answer is no. To avoid disappointment it is important not to have specific expectations as spirit will send through what they think we need to know and not always what we think we should have.

Q. How long will it take before I get my portrait?

A. For Guide, spirit and Past life portraits it should take no more than 48 hours before I send an email copy of your portrait with reading (if ordered) whilst sending the original copy to you by post. Watercolour portraits and animal guides take significantly longer 7 days approximately I will send an email image on completion at the same time posting the original. If I am exceptionally busy I will let you know of any changes in deadlines on receipt of your order.

Q. Can I arrange group bookings?

A. I am happy to do group bookings either at your home or a venue arranged by you. You may wish to think what you would like to happen at such an event:

  • Spirit guide or Past Life portraits for individuals (each takes 30 minutes with reading) There are only so many I could do in the time so some of your group would be observers.
  • Spirit guide for the group as a whole with other activities, meditations etc.
  • Talk or discussion or demonstration of spirit art generally, spirit guides or Past Lives.
  • Workshop on spirit art

Fees for such an event would depend on what type of event you choose, numbers attending and travelling costs. Please contact me via the website or 07714123513 to discuss options.

Q. Can I buy a portrait as a gift for someone else?

A. Yes! I just need the name of the person you want to receive the gift. If you want a portrait of them or a portrauragraph I will need a clear photo of them.