Welcome to the wonderful world of  Barbara Hudson Spirit Artist 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Barbara Hudson Spirit Artist 

I am a spirit and psychic artist, clairvoyant and healer. I channel portraits from spirit of loved ones, spirit guides, power animals, soul portraits and psychic portraits of past lives. I also paint commissioned portraits as an artist in my own right. I demonstrate my spirit art, teach and am a speaker. 
To those of you new to the concepts within this website I hope you find some enlightenment and are curious to learn more. 
To those of you who have some knowledge I hope that the visual evidence this work brings, confirms your beliefs. 
To those of you who would like me to channel spirit for them I thank you for giving me that trust and opportunity. 
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I am based in North Staffordshire where I have a studio. 
Your visit to me is very welcome but readings can also be done at a distance once a contact with you is made via phone, email or messaging. Skype is also an option. 
I am happy to travel to group events. 
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