About Barbara  “I used to be normal” 

“I used to be normal”... the opening statement in one of my talks, many of you reading this who have discovered your spiritual path later in life may understand the sentiment. 
Up until a few years ago I had no idea what a spirit or psychic artist was. I had never seen a Medium work or had any intentions to explore this world, but piece by piece, the jigsaw puzzle which is my life started to come together to create a complete picture that makes sense.  
I used to lead a busy life as a teacher and a classical singer alongside caring for family and running a home. Life events, curiosity and ‘spiritual signposts’ led me to find the power of reiki, followed years later after early retirement, retraining as a hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Regression. 
A ‘chance’ stumbling into a spiritualist church started my development as a Medium, which coincided with a resurgence of my art work. Since then I have experienced things I didn’t think possible, met the most wonderful people, there’s been laughter, tears, healing, enlightenment and so much more. 
Out of this amazing melting pot came the person I am today, with no one more surprised than me…. retirement? What retirement? 
Art Teacher/Practitioner: Hypnotherapist-Master Diploma: Reiki Master. 
I’m lucky to have been able to have a studio where I can focus on my work.  
I now work 1-2-1 either at my studio, at Mind Body Spirit Events, via email or phone. Please note I do not need to be physically with someone to make connections. 
I also demonstrate my work for audiences from small groups to theatre venues and often link with other Mediums who give the message from spirit which allows me to focus on the drawing. Workshops and Talks are proving popular and I continue with my therapy work. See ‘Art & Soul 
Up to now I have given talks and led workshops as requested but I am planning to also offer my own programme in the near future as well….watch this space!!! 
This is only a tiny snapshot of an amazing fast track into this wonderful work, browse through the website to find out more and if you have questions unanswered or special requests I’m happy to answer your queries. 





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