Art Services 

Spirit Portraits 
How wonderful to get a communication from a loved one in spirit? What a marvellous confirmation if you are sent an image of that person, sent from them with a message ! 
I do not work clairvoyantly so do not ‘see’ anything, but I allow spirit to work through me and use my hand to draw themselves on the paper, the drawing equivalent of automatic writing 
We all have guides who help us on our spiritual journey. Some are with us most of the time and others pop in when we need their particular expertise. A portrait can help to bond and communicate with your guide. This is a unique channeled drawing of one of your team and its very fabric absorbs the guides energy which you in turn will be able to connect with. This is a particularly useful tool for those who find it difficult to tune in as it acts like “speed dial” to help you connect. For those who’ve been having conversations with guides for a long time it is a visual affirmation of your bond. 
Knowing about our past lives very often helps some of the jigsaw pieces in our current lives to fit and the bigger picture to make sense. How we behave, the sort of relationships we get into, good or bad, our likes and dislikes. Having just one revealed to you can bring amazing insights and can be the beginning of unraveling many issues that you have not been able to fathom. 
I create this drawing by linking with the past life energy within your aura. I do not see your past lives, I create the drawing automatically. 
Power animals have a very similar purpose in our lives as Spirit Guides but in a much more fundamental way as it is the very essence of the animal that teaches and guides us or comes in from time to time with a message to help us on our journey. You may have sensed an affinity with a certain creature and then dreamt of another. I will draw whichever one is most dominant at the time of the reading. 
Portrait Commissions 
The ultimate portrait! One which portrays you outside and IN. 
I need a clear photograph of the person to be drawn and I paint this portrait first, then I link into the aura and wait for images, symbols, colours to appear. 
When the artwork is complete I then “read’ what has appeared and produce a reading to go with the portrait. 
The work is in watercolour and is presented in a mount ready to frame. 
Sometimes a photograph is not enough….or maybe your favourite photo of your loved one is a bit ‘dog eared ‘ and you want something a bit special to remember them. 
A photograph is all I need to create a memorable watercolour portrait, presented in a mount ready to frame. 
If there are memories you wish to be incorporated in the portrait which were important in that person’s life, fishing, football, gardening, dancing etc I will be happy to discuss what you would like. Contact me via the website or 07714123513 
Do you have an ‘alter ego’? do you see yourself from a different time ? as a different being? Fairy? elf? Witch , wizard???? 
Let me have a clear photograph of you and some idea of how you would like to be portrayed. 
Finished watercolour portrait is presented in a mount ready to frame 
‘Had a spiritual drawing of my guide…very impressed with the results. My main guide was how I imagined and now to have it drawn and confirmed to me was fantastic. A very uplifting experience. Well recommended. Thank you.' 
‘The picture was wonderful and Barbara gave me some wonderful information and advice. Thank you' 
‘Barbara is amazing. My father said I should have been a Nun and nobody knew. Barbara drew a nun, also I see a steward in meditation and blow me Barbara drew one for my daughter SHE IS AMAZING. Thank you.' 
S Woods 

 And Also...   

I am lucky to have a studio here in North Staffordshire and I am happy to welcome you here if you would like to have your drawing and reading done face to face. 
Sittings take about an hour. 
Please use the contact page or phone 07714123513 to arrange a suitable time. 
Demonstrations, talks and paranormal. 
I am an experienced platform performer and am available to demonstrate spirit art. 
I give talks about all and individual aspects of my work. 
I have experience of joining paranormal groups as a member of the team drawing any residual energies on location. 
I can do workshops for a limited number here in my studio and am happy to come out to a venue of your choosing for numbers over 6. 
Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs from introductory level with no art experience, mixed ability and for those with art experience but need help connecting with spirit. 
I am currently planning a number of different workshops please leave your details if you are interested in being kept informed or if you have a group who may want to cover specific areas, please get in touch. 
Please contact me to discuss any of the above as the fees are variable. 
Other Services - Art & Soul 
Soul Consultation. 
My clients usually fall into one of two categories, those who know exactly what they want and those who know they want something but are not sure what. 
‘Art & Soul’ is a service that has happened naturally so I’m now offering it via the website. 
For those seeking guidance but don’t know how best to go about it I offer 
Free 15 minute phone initial consult 
60 minute 1-2-1 guidance session which is uniquely geared for you. Using my training as artist and therapist (Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist) we will work through a plan to guide you to the best way forward for you. This may involve aspects of reiki, hypnosis, art work, channelling your helpers, meditation either independently or in combination. 
If you are interested in this service please use the contact form on the contact page, include your phone number and best time to call so you can have your free no obligation phone consultation. 
Any of the services can be ordered via the SHOP page but if there is anything you don’t understand or wish to discuss please use the contact page or phone me 07714123513. I’ll be happy to advise. 
‘I was drawn to Barbara to find out my Spirit Guide As I’m into Native Americans way of life. My mum drew a pic of my guide some time ago. The drawing Barbara did was of my Spirit Guide. Believe you me, it’s the same pic of the drawing my mum did, plus I asked Barbara after was there a name to go with my guide. She replied ‘Running Water’ to my amazement I burst into tears. Running Water was the name my mum gave me when she drew the pic. Thank you so much Barbara . You are totally amazing. Love and blessings' 
Sue - Birmingham 3/11/12 
‘What a wonderful insight into the philosophical aspect of my work I will succeed. I will conquer. Thank you' 
Pauline - 28th July 2012 
"Brilliant, had a drawing of my Nan and left it on the breakfast bar at home. My Mum's partner came to visit and asked when my Nan had had that picture done! He did not know I had been to see Barbara and he had never met my Nan who had died several years earlier, but seen photos of her at my Mum's. He was very impressed by the likeness. Thank you." 
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